Freakin’ Teenager!

Remember when you were a stupid teenager and you would stay up all night on the phone with him? Yah, that was last night for me. I’m completely exhausted, my work performance will probably suffer for it, but I don’t regret a moment of it.

Things with Mr. Camper are going very well. It seems like he feels what I’m feeling (at least, he claims he does). He contacted me only about two weeks ago, we’ve only had one date, and yet it feels weird if I go to sleep without saying good night to him. I anxiously await his e-mails throughout the day, smiling each time one comes in and then smiling again when I read them. It just feels good – what is that chemical we release in the first stages of courtship?

lol. Speaking of courtship – that’s what he’s calling this. He’s kinda old fashioned, which I absolutely adore! He wants to take it slowly, not rush into things. The e-mails he sends me are very romantic and gentlemanly, and I react emotionally each time I read one. It’s really very cool.

Last night, he said he hasn’t felt like this in 20 years – that he’s feeling like a teenager too. I take this as a very good sign. We’re both adults; we’ve both had relationships. And yet, this is the first time in a very long time that either of us have felt this way. It makes me think this is something special.

Oh – I’m SO a smitten kitten! I’ve known this guy for such a short time, yet I feel like I’m already falling in love with him. I’m certain my HP wants me to experience this right now, so I’m not fighting it anymore. It’s fun, it’s right – I’m just going to enjoy it.

Now I need to go find some caffeine.


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