We want to spend our lives together.  He has said so, and I have thought it, but haven’t actually said those word (probably should, huh?).  We’re happy, we’re compatible, we’re meant to be together.  The only problem?  Logistics.  He live so freakin’ far away!  We miss each other so much when we’re not together, living so far apart will be really hard on both of us.  I can see the distance pushing us to live together sooner rather than later.

Except for our sons.  My son loves his school and his friends.  I don’t want to move him out of his school boundaries.  Why should he sacrifice his happiness so I can be happy?  His son is more peaceful at his house than anywhere else.  Why should his son have to leave the one place that feels like home to him?  It makes sense for us to wait three years until my son graduates and then I move out there with them.

And then enters the fact that we want to have a baby.  I’m no spring chicken.  As it is, a pregnancy for me will be higher risk than it was 18 years ago.  If we’re going to have a baby, we’d better do it soon.  Like, before three years pass.

Which puts us back to the problem of where would we live?  I don’t want to raise a baby on my own, with him visiting a few days a week.

Right now, the logistics of it all is the only thing causes me any concern at all.  We’re on the right track; we just need to figure out the details.

I have faith in us.  I’m so glad I found him!  I can’t wait for the next chapter to start – where ever or when ever that may be!  🙂


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