Tonight my son meets Mr. Camper.  Right now, I’m curious which one is more nervous, which is silly, though, because about what do they have to be nervous?

In the past, my son knew he had veto power.  I told him straight up that if he didn’t like any of my boyfriends, he had the power to eject the man from our lives.  My son always comes first, so I bestowed that right upon him.  While he understood the power he wielded, he never used it.  Even though he didn’t like my last boyfriend, he allowed the man to stay in my life.  My son thought I was happy and he didn’t want to take that happiness from me (so thoughtful!)

It is a little different this time, though.  Since Mr. Camper is The One, I told my son that if he doesn’t like him – tough!  Actually, the exact words I used were, “If you don’t like him, I’m selling you.”  So, I guess maybe there is a little pressure on my son.

But, really, about what does Mr. Camper have to be nervous?  My son and I are solid in our relationship.  Our home is a happy, healthy, loving, and supportive place where individuality is respected and encouraged.  It has just been the two of us for two years, and we have reached a very harmonious place which works really well for both of us.  And now a stranger wants to insinuate his cog into that well-working machine.  Yah, okay, so maybe he has something about which to be nervous.  Not to mention the fact that my son considers himself the man of the house and feels very protective of me.

Huh.  Okay.  I get it.

Mr. Camper and I were trying to figure out the best way for my two men to meet.  We agreed that taking my son to his favorite restaurant would probably be the most comfortable – this stranger won’t be invading my son’s home just yet, my son gets good food, and it’s neutral ground.  My son is already planning what he wants to eat while there: Tofu Pad Thai (he claims he wants his own – good luck with that!)

Crossing my fingers!


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