Today, a friend of mine helped me realize exactly how much my beau has changed my priorities.

You know that first flush when love hits?  He’s all that matters.  Thoughts of him consume you.  He is everything within your line of vision.  I’m at that point.  While I’m loving it, I need to make sure that I don’t get lost in him.

Since he lives so far away, I find myself taking any chance I can to be with him.  I’m afraid that might come at the cost of some of my other passions.  Hopefully I’ll be able to find a healthy balance.

Next weekend, I’m scheduled to go to his house.  He and I both want me to be there as long as possible, but I’m fairly certain my mother and sister will want to go hiking on Sunday with me.  I miss hiking, but I get so little time with my guy that I’m having a hard time figuring out which I want more.  The logical solution would be to take him hiking with us, but he has his son that weekend.  He gets limited time with his son, so he wants to spend as much time with him as he can (which is how it should be).

My writing has also taken a hit.  I’ve missed an awful lot of my writers’ group’s meetings lately because I haven’t made it a priority.  I’ve only looked at my manuscript once since I’ve met him.

At the moment, I’m okay with it.  All of a sudden, my series isn’t as important to me.  I’m still working on my craft (blogging totally counts as writing every day, right?)  So, I haven’t given up my writing, nor have I given up on my ManuScript.  However, my MS has taken a backseat while I spend as much time with my man as I can (when my son comes home for school, things will become even trickier).

Since meeting my guy, my future no longer consists solely of my writing.  That was all I had.  It was what made me happy, gave me hope.  Now I have him.  He makes me happy, and the thought of a future with him brings me great joy.

So, my priorities have shifted.  My writing is still important to me, but it’s no longer my driving force.  I promised my friend that I wouldn’t quit writing (I had quit when my then-husband told me I was no good).  Writing is a part of me.  I will never give it up again.

I think being aware of the shift is an important one to acknowledge.  Hopefully, this awareness will help me make good choices – to find a good balance with those things which are important to me.


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