Summer Fling

I’ve had a number of summer flings in my life.  It’s the perfect time to have a short-term relationship.  Clothes cover less.  Who isn’t more attracted to someone when they’re half-naked, right?  Plus, the lighter the clothes, the more free and easy we feel.  There are more light-hearted activities to do during the summer – BBQs, swimming at the lake, camping, etc.  They just scream “fun with a man.”  And, of course, when we were kids, there was more time for romance – we had the freedom to be out and about with friends and boyfriends without the worry of school and homework.

Most of my summer flings were just that – they ended at the end of the season.  It was fun while it lasted and all of that.  Some of them lasted beyond that, but not many.  My last bf was a summer fling which lasted far longer than it should have – mostly because I hate dating and would rather settle with him than have to jump back into the dating pool.

My guy is my last summer fling.  It was fun and it was easy.  My son was with his father for almost the entire season, so I had the freedom to come and go as I pleased.  My guy and I did all sorts of wonderful summer activities – BBQs, camping, etc.  It was a great summer!  I had a total blast – exploring quaint little cities, cooking together, and spending every moment together that we could.

And I’m looking forward to spending autumn with him – watching the leaves turn colors and being able to sleep comfortably without three fans blowing full-speed on us.  Eating everything flavored with pumpkin spice and making my favorite soup for him.  I can’t wait for winter – to cuddle with him on the couch and watch the snow fall, to go Christmas tree shopping with him, to wake up Christmas morning in his arms.  I’m looking forward to spring – being able to shed my winter clothes and kneeling beside him on the dirt that will be our garden.  And then next summer will be here before we know it – the time when I finally get to move in with him.

When I agreed to play mini-golf on a summer evening with this man, I had no idea how he would change my world.  I had no way of knowing that our warm nights would become forever.  Sure, things are more complicated now that summer is over.  It feels like the magic that is the summer is waning and the chill of real life is creeping into my world.  I’m so glad he’s going to be around to keep me warm!  I like the idea of him being my summer fling for the next 80 years or so.


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