This weekend was my second camping trip with my guy, something we both love doing and agree we didn’t get nearly enough of this summer.  As we were packing up to go, he pulled a present out of his truck for me.  It was the first wrapped gift that either of us had given the other.  We give each other little gifts all the time, but this one had wrapping paper and bows and the whole shebang.  I was so excited!  He told me to go open it, so I gleefully carried my treasure into the house and tore into it like a 3 year old on Christmas morning, not even waiting for him to be with me.

What I found inside was far better than any gift I have ever received.  This gift was full of promises and love.  It told me that I am his – that I’m his girl.

Back story – the last time I was at his house for the weekend, he had made some space for me in his walk-in closet.  While I was in it, I spied a super fun hoodie which I instantly coveted.  I mentioned it to him, and he gave the story about how he had to steal it back from his ex.

When I opened my present, that hoodie smiled at me from inside, having the familiar, comforting smell of his home woven into it.  It was obviously a treasured item for him, and he had chosen to give it to me.  I felt so special that he would not just let me borrow it whenever I wanted, not just throw it at me, but he took the time to wrap it all purty and bestow it up on me.

Isn’t it silly how the little things can mean so much?  An old, used hoodie means the world to me.  It is so much more than a hoodie – it is love and devotion.   And happiness.



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