Lana Lang

I love all things Superman.  I own a boxed set of the first five movies, and the entire Smallville series sits among the rest of my DVDs.  I’ve always said the only man I’d ever marry would be able to leap tall buildings with a single bound (it’s as good thing I’m dating an eternal bachelor, right?)

In one of the episodes of Smallville, Lana Lang’s body is infused with a ton of kryptonite.  All of a sudden, her mere presence can kill Clark.  When I watched it, I thought, “Oh how sad!” and moved on.


Yesterday, I really began thinking about it.  Now that I understand what it means to actually want to be with your partner, it takes on a whole different vibe.  When we marry, we say “better, worse, sickness, health, death do us part.”  But, is that realistic in every case?  I’m really torn on this subject right now.

On one hand, you’ve got “’til death do us part”.  We love each other, we want to spend the rest of our lives together, we can’t imagine being with anyone else, and the time we spend apart is really difficult.  But, what if I were to go on a book signing tour to some remote location and I contract a new, highly communicable disease which involves months or years of agonizing pain followed by death (of course, since it’s new, it’s incurable)?  Do I selfishly rejoin the love of my life, not able to be without him, surely to pass on my illness to him?  No, I would do the right thing and avoid him, as well as any other human being.  I would sacrifice my own happiness to keep him safe.

But, would that be the right thing to do?  If the situation were reversed, would I want him to avoid me to keep me safe?  The idea that he loves me enough to sacrifice his own happiness would fill me with joy, but then I’d hunt him down and spend what little time we had left together.  Being without him would be as painful as anything the world can throw at us.  At least if we were together, we could support each other through it.  It helps that we believe in reincarnation and plan on finding each other in the next life.  Would the lack of that belief change how I feel on the subject?  I’m not sure.

Can you tell I’m missing him today?  I haven’t seen him in a few days and I don’t know the next time I’ll get to see him.  At this point, I even feel like braving rush hour traffic would be worth it just so I can see him!


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