A Whole New World

The Internet has changed the world in so many ways.  For someone like me, it has increased my creative juices.  I see ideas online which spawn new ideas within me.  This morning, I saw this one:


Guess what I’m making this weekend, Honey.  That’s right – more pumpkin crap!  This is just too stinkin’ cute to not make.  🙂

So many times, when I see the “new” ideas, they aren’t really new at all.  Other people have been doing them for years, decades, maybe even centuries.  The problem was, I didn’t have access to the ideas.  With the Internet and all of our connectivity, I now have access to ideas, methods, and traditions I never would have known before.

When I see these new ways of doing thing.  I often think, “Duh!  Why didn’t I think of that?!”  I feel silly for never having thought of it before.  I mean, I’m relatively intelligent, yet I couldn’t come up with something so basic as the amazing new life hacks we see all over the Internet now.  Now, with my memory, the problem is remembering to use the idea when the time comes.


Another thing I really enjoy about the Internet is all of those horridly uplifting pictures.  You know the ones I mean – they have those trite sayings, some which make you roll your eyes and some which resonate deep within your soul.  I find myself a better person by having those happy little encouragements on my Facebook feed (I have a lot of spiritual, uplifting sorta friends).


Life is now a world wide collaborative meeting.  We share ideas, we encourage, we uplift.  I remember the time before the Internet.  All of a sudden, the world seems like a friendlier, smaller place.  I have access to people and things I never would have otherwise.  Heck, I have friends literally all over the globe who I never would have met had it not been for the ‘Net.

Sure, there’s the ugly, dark side of the Internet – the side of people doing cruel things to each other, the side of people being stupid, vapid, and obscene.  I choose to not visit those places.  After all, we make our world as we want it, right?  I visit the positive side of the Internet and leave the rest to those who appreciate that sort of thing.

lol.   And I get to blog.  Sure, mine’s more of an online diary, but I’m okay with that.  I frequently look back at my blogs for references, to see where I was at a certain point in my life, or to remember things which I’d forgotten.  With the blog, it’s easier to search for something than it would be in a diary.  Plus, heaven forbid I should pick up a pencil and journal and actually hand write something!


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