The Alps

Last weekend my guy took me to my favorite tourist trap. It’s a small city named “Leavenworth” in Washington state. All of the buildings are constructed to mimic a Bavarian Village. It’s a quaint little place to spend a day, and I go every year.


Basically, it’s always been the same experience, maybe with a variation on the theme.  This year was different.  Since my guy took me, he added his special flavor to the day – extra laughter, added kisses, and the love we share.  It was really nice.  He promised to take me back for the Tree Lighting in December, something I’ve never done before.


He also took me someplace new.  Just beyond the city (I’ve never dared to go past the safety of the downtown area) there is a candy shop called “The Alps.”  That’s not a big deal since we had just left a tourist trap, but this candy shop was unlike any I’d seen before.  It is literally two stories of candy.  Yowsers!  I felt like a kid in a … well, you get it.


Before entering the store, my guy told me that “The story of the bell is over there.”  Um… okay.  I walked over to where he was pointing to read the piece of paper which was stapled to the tall, wooden wall.  On it was a story of compassion, selflessness, and magic.  I almost cried as I read it.  After reading it, you’re supposed to pull the old, worn rope and make a wish as the bell tolls.  To me, it was the best part of the whole experience.

I instantly thought of blogging about it.  Would my readers instantly think of going to Snopes to debunk the story?  Would I have to mention that I believe in magic?  Would I need to say that I don’t care whether it’s true or not – it’s a lovely story?

I did a quick search this morning to find the story so I could link to it, but was unable to find any mention of the story online.  I saw news articles about the fire which had burned down the structure, that they were rebuilding, and that they would re-open.  I saw reviews of the candy, of the store, and of the employees.  However, nowhere was I able to find the story posted.  And it made me very sad.

How many hundreds of people come to this store every day, never to know the magical story which is posted mere feet from them?  I, too, would have missed it, had my guy not told me about it.

How often do we do that?  We’re so focused on our goal that we completely miss the magic around us?  By having our blinders on, we don’t see the beauty surrounding us which is patiently waiting to be seen by those who take the time to ponder the joys of the world.

A while back, a man was mocked on the Internet because he was enthralled by the miracle of a double rainbow.  I wish I could be more like that man.  Do I even look up to see the double rainbow, or do I miss it because I’m too busy trying to get where I need to be?  If I did see it, would I take the time to truly appreciate it (as that man did), or would I smile and move on?

Today, I’m going to try to remember to take the blinders off and enjoy all of the beauty this world offers.  I’m going to look for the miracles which happen every day and appreciate all that they are.

Today, I’m going to bring extra joy into my life.


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