Port… Something

I was able to go on another date with my guy yesterday.  With all of the massive things which have been going on in our lives in the past month, we’ve been so busy that we haven’t been able to make time for a date.  Yesterday, we made it happen.  Yay!

He lives far away from me, in a magical land with all sorts of cities and towns which begin with “Port.”  The last time we went and did the touristy thing, we went to Port Gamble.  Yesterday, we went to Port Townsend.  And there are still a lot of Ports left to explore.

Even though I was able to carve out some time for him yesterday, we still were on a time crunch, so we made the most of the time we had.  We went to a friendly coffee shop for some breakfast, toured the town, and then stopped at a dive diner on the way home (why do they always have the best food?).  It was a great day!  We talked and walked, laughed and held hands, sniffed teas and sampled chocolates ($2.75 for a truffle?  Seriously?), spent far too little time in an impressive used book shop, and stopped in almost every store which wasn’t packed to the gills with overpriced women’s wear.

I had two favorite stores – the kitchen store and the writer’s store.

The kitchen store wasn’t the biggest I’d ever been in, nor did it have a ton of unusual stuff.  I think the reason I enjoyed it was because of the interaction between my guy and myself.  He’s a foodie and he knows his way around a kitchen, so he cheerfully bounded through the store as I did, being excited about discoveries and talking about what we might need to complete our kitchen.  It was fun to be excited with him in there.

And then there was the writer’s store.  Honestly, I’m not sure that’s what it was, but that’s what it was to me.  Along the hallway, there were T-shirts which were aimed at writers.  They said things like, “It was a dark and stormy night,” “Their, There, They’re.  Get it right,” and “And then I woke up.”  They all resonated with me and I instantly felt comfortable and among friends, even though we were the only ones in the hallway.  I gleefully read each T-shirt, trying to figure out if I should spend my money on any of them.  At the end of the hallway was a room in which to write.  That was it – just a quiet place for writers to sit and work on their art.  **Can you hear the angelic choir singing?**  We made our way to the store to find more items with which a writer would connect and appreciate.  My eyes, as well as my soul, lit up, and I think my boyfriend noticed both.  All of a sudden, I was both energized and peaceful.  A sole author, ready to make my name known, joining with the millions who have gone before me, feeling one with them.

So, in addition to reconnecting with my guy, reminding us of how much we enjoy having fun together, I was reminded that I am an author.  It was a very good day!


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