Chapter Finally Ended

For those of you who have followed me for a while, you know that I have chapters in my life.  There are very definite beginnings and endings to the periods of my life.  Usually, I am happy to walk away from a chapter, even if I am a bit apprehensive.

Yesterday, I had the walk-through of my old house.  It was a very clear ending to that chapter.  The house was empty, devoid of any signs that I ever lived there, that I raised children there.  The memories were removed from the walls, the holes from the nails which held up the picture frames were covered in.  Instead, emptiness enshrouded the bare walls.  The indents from the feet of the couches were vacuumed away, no signs of me cuddling with my children in the evenings anywhere to be seen.  The spot of superglue my daughter had spilled on the bathroom counter-top had been razored off, the reminder of her experimenting with fake nails erased.  It was no longer my home.

Turning to look at the house from the driveway, I was a bit sentimental.  Sure, I lived in the slums and I was moving to a much better place with a much better experience awaiting me, but there still were over seven years worth of memories in that house.  I had successfully made a home for my small family there.  I had worked hard to fill that home with love and laughter.  And now I was walking away from it.

As I drove toward my new home, I thought of all the things I would miss.  I had made that town my home.  It was my world.  Everything I needed was contained within a 5 mile radius, and I had a lot of favorites – the super great fruit stand, the usually-empty Costco, the walking trail which was perfect for me, the mall which wasn’t overly crowded, the portrait studio which always did a great job of capturing our personalities, and all of the other things which had made it such a great place to live and raise my children.

I know I will find new favorites and I will make new memories in my new home.  I just felt a tad somber as I watched my home, my world become a memory for me.  While I had a lot of challenges in that chapter, I will always think of it fondly.


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