Our Bed

This morning, I walked back into my bedroom from the bathroom to see this:


As I looked at it, I realized that it perfect symbolises my guy, myself, and our relationship.  At first glance, what strikes you first is our cleanliness – I have none.  His side is perfectly in tidy, pillows in place, everything as it should be.  And then there’s my side – pillows askew, covers not pulled up, and the purple blanket as haphazard as it can be.  He knows that if he leaves my side long enough, I might make a feeble attempt at straightening it.  He also knows that if I do, he’ll have to come in after me to make it right.  I just don’t care enough to make it pretty.  I mean – I’m just going to be crawling into it in a few hours anyway, right?  Maybe sooner, if I’m a good girl?  😉

I’m the kind who doesn’t close drawers or cupboard doors.  I just don’t care.  Since moving in with him, I’ve tried to be more mindful of it because I know it drives him batty.  He’s so very understanding and tolerant of me and all of my oddities, that I strive to not make him nuts whenever possible. 

This morning, when I mentioned to him how the bed was the perfect symbol of us, he laughed and said that he’s OC and I’m an artist.  I absolutely adore how this man thinks of me.  He didn’t think of it as he’s tidy and I’m a slob – he recognizes the artist in me and not only accepts it about me, but embraces it and loves me for it.  He doesn’t complain about my imperfections, but he sees most of them in the most flattering light possible (which is why I try to fix the really bad things about myself).

Back to the bed.  Next you see our stuff.  I have books, an e-reader, my manuscript, and chocolate on my side.  That makes sense, right?  Oh – and tissue.  ‘Cause you know every room in my home has at least one box of tissue, sometimes two.  My family has often joked about needing to buy stock in Kleenex – we have allergies.  And his side?  Electronics.  He has both remotes, his iPad, and various cords and gadgets for electronics.  He also has a letter I sent to him from before I moved in and things he needs for when his son is with us.  The things we keep on our headboard give you a really good glimpse into who we are.

And then you notice my teddy bear.  That’s right – I sleep with a teddy bear.  I always have.  In the past, I’ve been embarrassed about it.  I mean – I’m practically 40 for god’s sake!  There’s just something about snuggling with a teddy bear that physically feels good to me – it supports my head, I get to hold onto something, and… well… I just like it.  My guy has not only made me feel totally at ease with my bear, but he has actually turned it into a very sweet and amusing interaction between he and I.

Then you notice the bedding.  It’s black, but not as black as it was.  When I moved in, he wanted me to feel more comfortable, so he ditched his BLACK bedding for something we both might enjoy.  This still has his black in it, but this has a feminine touch to it.  I think this perfectly symbolises who we are to each other.  We both want the other one to be happy.  We both want each other to feel as equals in the relationship.  We found bedding which we both like, so neither of us would feel as if we were just tolerating it.  We were both happy when we found this set.  It has the black for him and the plants for me – you can see each of us in it.

What you can’t see is the mattress pad.  I blogged about it before, but I didn’t mention what it symbolizes to me.  Before I moved in, he had his bed how he liked it – it was comfortable for him.  However, it wreaked havoc on my bad back.  Knowing this, he went and dropped a decent amount of money on a mattress topper which we both hoped would ease my back woes.  To me, this symbolizes how much he loves me, wants me to be happy, and does all he can to make my life as pleasant as possible.

So, when I first looked at my bed this morning, all I saw was my embarrassing lack of cleanliness.  After talking with my guy and looking a little deeper, all I saw was the love that we share.  It reminded me of how lucky I am to have such an amazing man who loves me, in spite of all of my flaws.

Maybe I’ll go make my bed.  lol.  Let’s not go crazy, shall we?


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