Tomorrow is Easter.  This morning, I laughed when I realized how this holiday has changed for me.  Since I used to be religious, it used to be all about Christ’s resurrection.  Yah, not so much anymore.

You’d think it would become about Spring and rebirth and all of that.  Nope.

What is Easter about for me now?  Actually, a few things.

The first is family.  For the past dozen or so years, I’ve spent Easter with my family.  The only time I had a boyfriend, his family didn’t really celebrate anything, so I haven’t had to spend my holidays with anyone other than my own family.  This year, for the first time in a very long time, I won’t see my family for Easter, and I’m already missing them.  I think the part that bugs me the most is that the next time that particular group of people will be getting together will be for Thanksgiving.  And, this year, I’ll be spending Turkey Day with my guy’s family.  So, it will be an entire year between when I can see all of those people together.  It makes me sad, but I guess that’s part of life, right?  I keep trying to find solace in the fact that there will be a camping trip in there with some of them, so at least I have that to look forward to, right?


The upside to all of this?  My guy’s family is amazing!  They’ve accepted me with open arms right away and they love me.  That makes visiting with them far less of a chore than I had originally expected.  I have had in-laws who hated me and found joy in making me cry, so this is a very welcome experience.  To know that I’ll be among them, sharing love and support makes it a close second to spending that time with my own family.

The next thing Easter means to me?  Food!  It seems to be a thing with my family.  We don’t ever get together without food being involved.  Usually (although not always) it is the main attraction.  Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, food, food, food.  Or, my aunt/uncle will just invite people over for food.  It’s the thing which seems to keep our family together. 

And it’s almost always amazing.  I mean, c’mon!  Especially Easter.  Ham!  Second only to bacon!  (I do like my pig products!)  If you’re ever in the Pacific Northwest, stop by my uncle’s house, if for no other reason than to try my mother’s Bundt Pan rolls.  They will literally change your life and they are served at every major holiday (unless she can’t find her bundt pan.)

But, the more all-inclusive thing which I associate with Easter?  Creativity (seriously – it’s me!) 

You’ve got the eggs.  I learned early on that if you poke a pin hole at the small top end of the egg, and then a larger hole at the bottom, you can blow the egg out of the shell.  That way, you can color them, and then keep them all year long, if you want.  Or give them as gifts.  Or use them as gags gifts.  Or whatever you choose.  So, every year, we hard boil some eggs and we blow some (with all of the baking going on, the blown eggs will get used.)


I have always brought desserts to family gatherings, and this year will be no different.  This year I will be making this cake.  How cute is that?!  We’ll just hope mine can be equally cute.


And these cookies (yum!)


And for a special treat, I’ve made these.


I think these were the most fun for me.  I bought the bunny mold because my guy only likes white chocolate, and I wasn’t able to find a white bunny anywhere.  After starting to make these bunnies, I realized how limitless the possibilities were, and my mind exploded.  The different chocolates, the different colors, the different flavored extracts, the different mix-ins.  I almost hyperventilated, I was so excited.  I’m gonna have some fun with that next year!

I wonder if my associations with Easter are kinda normal, or if they are as different from the norm as I think they are?


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