Different, Yet the Same

Yesterday was my first Easter with my guy’s family.  There were so many differences, yet so many similarities.

The Differences:

The Travel – before, I would drive for 15 minutes to get to my uncle’s house at 3:00.  It never varied, there was never a discussion about someone else hosting.  The only time it was different was if something really important was going on in someone’s life and the time needed to be shifted an hour or two. 

With the new limb of my family tree, we drove for 45 minutes to catch a ferry, after which we drove another two hours.  There were multiple traffic jams involved, and a lot of frustration.  Thank heavens my guy did all of the driving or I might have just had to pull out all of my hair.

The activities – before, I would get up, shower, possibly finish a recipe, go to my uncle’s house and be trapped in his house for the rest of the day (maybe go out to visit with the horse).

Yesterday, there was a mall, a casino, a restaurant, a walk, and a nursery involved.  By a stroke of luck, I finally figured out what that plant is that I love, but never knew the name of!  It’s a laurel!  Mmmm.  Smells so good!


The Food – at my uncle’s house, I could always depend on a few certain foods to be there.  Granted, I can’t expect every house to serve Frog Eye Salad and Bundt Pan Rolls, but I thought some of the other foods would be similar. 

Even the potatoes were different.  However, it did sound like the foods were their norm, so it’s just something I will come to expect when I visit with them.  It was nice that my S-I-L made some of the yummy foods from Facebook which I’ve wanted to try, but hadn’t found an excuse to make.  (Oh – here’s a pic of the desserts I brought.  The “basket cake” didn’t turn out as realistic looking as I hoped, but it was still kinda cute):


The Similarities:

The Amount of Food – oh my goodness – I felt like a Hobbit yesterday.  I literally had breakfast, second breakfast, which were followed by a massive brunch. I then had appetizers before the main meal which was made up of so many types of food I literally couldn’t try them all (and I took small portions of almost everything).  The entire drive home, my jeans were undone (glad we didn’t carpool with the in-laws!)

The Love – I’ve heard stories about other families’ gatherings where there are harsh words and/or hurt feelings, possibly gossip about family members who weren’t in attendance.  I’ve always loved that my family isn’t like that – love and support are the only things found at my family’s holidays.  I’m very thankful to announce that my new family is the same.

So, while the details may have been different, the over all feeling was the same, and that’s really all that matters.  As we drove home, I felt better after spending time with them – they uplifted and encouraged, loved and supported.

I consider the day a success.  🙂


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