Odd Thoughts

I’m still friends with Mr. Socks on Facebook.  We never text anymore, but we can see how/what the other is doing via our posts.  At first, my guy was uncomfortable with the whole thing, but I think he knows that there’s absolutely nothing going on between Socks and I.  We were friends during our time together, and that friendship didn’t end simply because I jumped into a relationship with another man.

After I met my guy and told Mr. Socks we could no longer spend time together, he very gracefully bowed out.  We both knew what our relationship was, and he was very tactful about it.  Because of that, our friendship endured. 

As I was in the beginning of my new relationship, Mr. Socks decided he also wanted to make a concerted effort to look for love.  During this process, I helped however I could: assisting with his online dating profile, trying to boost his self-esteem, encouraging him to not give up after each failed attempt with some woman who couldn’t see how great he is, etc.

Finally, he met Ms. Smiles, and I couldn’t have been happier for him.  It also helped my guy feel more secure with the entire thing.  It was a really good thing for everyone.  I held my breath, hoping it would last.  I watched the posts of their vacations together, the family get-togethers, etc.  Each one made me smile.

Yesterday, I saw a post which spoke of their Easter together, and it really made me happy.  It spoke of their love and togetherness.  For some reason, I thought of it all day, glad that he had found someone with whom he could be happy.  He’s a good guy and he really deserves it.

On the flip side, it also made me think of Mr. Cuddles.  After I met my guy, I lost contact with him.  He had hoped for a relationship with me, so my newfound happiness with someone else wasn’t something for which he wanted to stick around and witness.  As such, to this day I still wonder if he’s happy.  I hope he’s found someone, but I have no way of knowing.  It’s not like I’m going to e-mail him to ask him, potentially reminding him that I’m happy and he’s not.  So, I wonder and feel a tad guilty, even though I did nothing wrong (he was hurt in the end, which was never my intent).

Someday, I hope I’ll find out that he’s found a great gal and is as happy as I am.


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