I’m 39 years old, I have a teddy bear, and I’m okay with it.  I kept trying to name my bear, but nothing ever stuck.  Over the past few months, my bear was named.  I always just called him “my bear.”  Obvious, right?  Lately, my guy has just shortened it to “Bear.”  Oddly, it fits.  Go figure.

I’ve mentioned Bear on my blog before.  Heck you’ve even seen a picture of him.  Once, I eluded to something my guy does with Bear, but I didn’t expound on it.  Sometimes, I’m unsure how much of our personal life my guy wants me to share with the world.  The other day, he gave me the green light to tell you about it.

My guy poses Bear.  He’s done it for a number of months now and he’s been very creative about it.  I’ve mentioned before how my guy makes the bed for us.  Often, when he’s making the bed, he takes a few minutes to pose Bear.  Many times, I laugh out loud when I walk in and see him sitting there, waiting for me.

Here’s Bear stealing some of the Valentine’s candy I’ve been sneaking for the past couple of months:


Here’s Bear reminding me that chocolates don’t stay good forever and I should finish them before they go bad (or before he eats them all for me):


Here’s bear enjoying my pineapple upside down cake (notice – he’s helping himself to mine not my guy’s):


I’m still unsure what this is about, but it makes me feel kinda dizzy:


Even the dog is getting in on the fun:


As a reader/writer, this is my favorite so far:


Looking back, I wish I’d started taking pictures from the beginning.  It would be fun to look back at all of the cute things my guy’s done with Bear.

Why do I enjoy this part of our life?  For a handful of reasons.  It shows his creativity – something which is obviously really important to me.  It shows that he accepts Bear in my life and doesn’t expect me to discard this part of my childhood with which I’m not ready to part.

And it shows that he loves me.  When he makes the bed, he could just dump Bear near my pillow and move on with his day.  Instead, he takes the time to show me that he cares with this small act.

Isn’t that what love is?  The small acts?  Sure, he could buy me flowers, but what does that show?  That he can go to the nearest store and spend some money on me?  It doesn’t show any creativity, it is fairly impersonal, and he knows that I’m not into the whole monetary thing.  Plus, instead of buying me flowers, he surprises me by bringing in a clipping of the lilac from outside, which he knows is my favorite (and not something you can pick up at the grocery store).  I’d much rather receive something free and personal than have him spend a ton of money on me for a gift which really doesn’t mean anything.  See – the small acts.  But, I do have to admit, the expensive, personal gifts are also appreciated.  🙂

I hope those small acts never end between us – the little things we do for each other which others might not appreciate, but which mean the world to our partner.  The small, daily acts are the things which show us that we love and even like each other.  They show that we aren’t taking each other for granted and that we care about the other’s happiness.

*Reminder to self – keep showing him in little ways that I love him*


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