End of Camp

Here we are, at the end of Camp NaNo, and I almost failed to blog today.  Yikes!  I just realized that I hadn’t done it yet and laughed that I might have not met my personal goal due to what’s going on in my life.

Isn’t that kinda what life is like?  We have to go to work to pay our bills.  We have to make dinner to eat.  We have to clean our house so we aren’t living in filth.  In the meantime, our dreams are up on a shelf, gathering dust, desperately wishing to see the light of day.

So, as of this blog, I have successfully completed my personal Camp goal – to blog every day in the month of April.  **applause in the background**  Thank you, thank you.  That’s one nice thing about Camp is that you can set your own goal – far less daunting than writing an entire novel in one month, I can tell you that!  Honestly – I didn’t give Camp the hours I would have given NaNo, but that’s kinda what Camp is about, right?  To get your feet wet?  To get a taste of what NaNo is all about?

So, what did I learn during Camp?  I learned more during this Camp than I have during NaNo, but the lessons weren’t as grandiose (it was when I successfully completed NaNo in 11 days that I realized that I am a writer, through and through, without a doubt).  During this camp, I realized that I write best in the early morning (sometimes as early as 12:01) when the house is quiet (ie: there are no conscious people in the house).  I also learned that I can come up with a blog post every single day for a month (the idea which was the most terrifying to me).

And, it reminded me where my priorities should be.  Because of my participation in Camp, I was more aware of those little sayings I came across on Facebook which reminded me that I should be writing.  A lot of them came from Sparkpeople.com, which is aimed toward healthy living, but they applied to my dreams of becoming published, as well.

11007725_10155366291985478_7330854006206824831_ndo it don't stopdo it

So, Camp is over.  What now?  I’ve been told you should write every day.  Blogging makes the most sense because I really don’t want to start another manuscript when I have so many to edit.  I don’t think editing counts as writing, and I don’t think I have time to write and edit.  Yikes!  Or, am I just making excuses?  I am REALLY good at making excuses.

Obviously, editing takes precedence, right now.  That is what will get me to where I need to be.  I am so close to submitting, that it’s just ridiculous to not take the time to do the final edit and send it off.

And yet, I need to work on my craft, as well.  I need to continue writing so I can get better at it (practice, practice, practice).  I need to do it.  I need to make time to do both writing and editing.  Maybe not blogging.  Maybe writing love letters to my guy.  Or sending letters off to distance loved ones with whom I don’t have frequent contact.  Or writing in my personal journal.  Whatever it is, I need to write every day.

And I need to get that damned final edit done.  **sigh**


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