Fruits of our Labors

What?  You haven’t heard enough of my garden yet?  Oh – I’m so glad!  ‘Cause here’s some more!

Here’s my baby zucchini.  Can you see it?  The microscopic zucchini-shaped thing at the bottom of the massive blossom?  That’s it!  My first zucchini!  Yay!


And here is one of my new little beans.  I swear – it’s a bean.  Sure, it’s the size of a ginormous grain of rice, but that still counts, right?

Green Beans

Here’s my patty pan.  “What’s a patty pan?” you ask.  I’m still asking that too.  Maybe I should look it up.  Patty pan.  I’ve never eaten one, but they’re just so darned cute that I wanted to grow some so I could try them.  Normal people think like that, right?

Patty Pan

My first tomato-lings.  Sorry the pic is blurry.  My camera refused to focus on something that tiny.  But, they’re here, in real life.  And soon, they will be in my belly!


This is my “winter squash.”  Mr. Camper tried to inform me that is is a different animal than “acorn squash” (what was pictured with the plant).  I was all bummed, thinking I was going to get some weird squash.  Nope.  I’m pretty sure it’s acorn squash (yay!)  I googled it and found out that “winter squash” is just an all-encompassing term for a variety of squashes.

Winter Squash

These are all of my little babies for now.  Can you tell how totally pumped I am about them?  For years, I had a black thumb.  I wasn’t able to grow a cactus or bamboo (literally – killed them all).  My kids bought me “virtually unkillable” houseplants a while back.  I’m proud to say those have all lived and I now have a ridiculous menagerie of greenery in the house (Mr. Camper is so patient with my oddities!)

I’ve grown herbs with limited success, but I’ve never been able to grow my own food before.  Seeing miniature versions of foods growing in my backyard just makes me really proud.  Sure, Mr. Camper is the brains of the operation, but I’ve still helped.  And, my black thumb hasn’t killed anything yet (I refuse to accept responsibility for the demise of the cantaloupe start or the watermelon).

Now is the hard part – waiting to harvest.  The last couple weeks, I’ve been wondering if we were going to get anything to eat.  We got our peas started late (my sister’s are almost done) so I’m still not sure if any of those will come out (although, I’m pretty sure we’ll have some in the next couple of weeks).  Our watermelon and eggplant plants aren’t exactly thriving.  I worry about our peppers.  Our melons aren’t going gangbusters yet.

But, everything else is doing remarkably well.  We even had cantaloupe plants peek their heads out of the ground, when we had both completely given up on them.  Our pumpkins, yellow squash, and zucchinis are all doing well.  Even the lemon cucumbers (which are notoriously difficult to grow) have blossoms and even a tiny little cuke on it (sorry – forgot to get a pic of that!)  Peas, beans, berries, and even edamame are doing well.  This is all just so very exciting for me!

Still trying to figure out what to do with the patty pan.  Mmmm.  This sounds good!  Stuffed Patty Pan



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