Still Moving In

It’s been almost seven months that I’ve lived here.  SEVEN FREAKIN’ MONTHS!  And I’m still unpacking!  Ugh!

The office has been a horrific mess since the day I moved in – boxes everywhere, his stuff jammed into a corner.  It’s been driving me nuts that I couldn’t find any of my DVDs (boxes and boxes through which to sort) and it’s been making him crazy to have such a jumbled mess in his office.

So, yesterday, he cleaned out the majority of his stuff, making room for mine.  He felt better, just clearing out space.  This morning, I got in and got all of my DVDs into their stands.  Yay!  I can find my movies now!

We could definitely not become hoarders – it would make us both insane!  Today, we both felt so much better that things were where they belonged and there was space on the floor of the room (instead of it being covered by boxes.)  He even asked me to “ballroom dance” with him (his version of that is painfully adorable) in the space we made.

Is there any chance that this will motivate him to help me clean out the garage?  Doubtful.  We have so many other things going on, we can’t seem to make the time to organize out there.  We have a two-car garage and two cars which sit in the driveway.  Not to mention all of the stuff which I have to go hunting for, should I need to find it.  I would do it, but he believes I am not capable of getting all of my stuff into the storage space above the garage.  Maybe I should do it to prove him wrong.

Although, it would blow if I proved him right and injured myself in trying to be a big girl!

It’s weird, but there’s just no space.  We have a three-bedroom house of which only two of the rooms are slept in.  We have a spacious living room and a good sized kitchen.  And yet, we have no space for my stuff.  Could it be that we tried to fit two households worth of stuff into one house?

So, for today I’ll celebrate my small victory.  Hopefully by next winter, we might have the garage cleaned up so we can put the cars inside.

Not holding my breath.

This is just one more reason to get my editing done so I can submit my manuscript for publication.  As soon as it makes me rich and famous, I can have my mansion built and we’ll have all the space we need.  🙂


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