Days 1 & 2

I did it!  I got back on track!  Well, at least for two days now, I’ve done it.  And, it wasn’t completely back on track, but it was a great step in the right direction.

I have exercised for two days in a row now.  Yay!  (Celebrate the small victories, right?)  And how do I feel?  I feel like crap.  My muscles ache, I’m fatigued and I don’t wanna!  I’m not one of those people who gets a runner’s high.  I actually hate exercising.  I hate doing it.  I hate how I feel after I do it.  The only part of it I enjoy is the weight loss.

So, I do it.  Ugh!

Unfortunately, that’s about all I’m doing to get back on track.  I haven’t kept up with my chores, nor have I edited my manuscript.  But I’m closer to it.  That totally counts, right?  I have a good excuse, so that means something, right?

I’m a firm believer in goal posters.  A goal is only a goal if it has a date attached.  For me, I appreciate seeing that goal on a brightly colored poster with my progress charted every step of the way.  I had an old weight loss goal poster, but due to circumstances beyond my control, it had to be put on hold until now.  I hated the idea of seeing my old poster showing how I have failed for the past six months.  So, instead of editing my manuscript, I spent that time creating a new goal poster.  Of course, my perfectionism took control, and I had to redo it when it wasn’t perfect.

Oh!  Wait!  I am making good food choices and drinking tons of water!  That totally counts for something!  I made the massive mistake of baking my favorite cookies for when Mr. C’s parents visited this weekend.  We’ve had all of these cookies leftover and I haven’t binged on them once.  Yay me!  When it came to snack time today, guess which I chose?


*Sigh*  I made the right choice. 😦  But I’m eating the cookies for dessert after dinner, though, dammit!

It doesn’t help that I’ve been sleeping in.  I’m a morning person.  I love getting up at 5:00 am and getting stuff done while the house is still quiet.  I feel that my day is half over by eight o’clock.  I haven’t been getting up until 8:00 lately.  Ugh!  I’ve wasted half my day!  Hopefully I can get my sleep back on track so I can make better use of my days.

But, I’m definitely working in the right direction, now.  I feel like there’s a fire in me that I’ve been missing lately.  It feels good to be moving forward again.  And I’m looking forward to charting my progress on my poster.

Even if my muscles are mad at me for it.


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