What’s in a Name?

A year ago, I hinted to the fact that we might have a new addition to our family.  I’ve been patiently waiting, and I’m pleased to announce that our newest family member will be coming home in about two weeks.

I’d like to introduce you to Blacky/Prince.


Right now, he’s still with his breeder.  Her golden retriever had a litter of 12 pups (holy cow!  And that was her first litter!)  The breeder can tell the pups apart by the color string she tied around their necks.  Ours has a black string.  However, once he arrives home, the string will be removed and he will be called “Prince.”

Actually, he’s been named for a very long time.  When my kids were little, we watched The Tenth Kingdom over and over.  In it is a very smart golden retriever who was actually a prince-turned-into-dog, and I just fell in love with the dog and the name.

Mr. C has informed me that if we want to register him with the AKC, he has to have a first and a last name.  We have both agreed that Prince Edwards is perfect.  I don’t really associate with my maiden name, nor do I associate myself with my married name.  I most associate myself with my mother’s current last name (odd, I know, but it is what it is).

Those of you who know me know that I think I’m hysterical.  Not a lot of people agree with me, but I’m okay with that.  As long as I amuse myself, right?  You also would know that I love word play.  The other day, I thought it would be really funny to name him, “Prince Roi” (pronounced “Roy.”) Not everyone knows that “roi” in French means “king.”

We went to pick out our pup last Sunday.


When we returned that evening (we had to drive through three counties to get to him) Abbi was quite upset with me for daring to smell like a different dog!  She has this way of “snotting” us when she’s upset about something (it appears she’s sneezing, but it’s a very intentional expulsion of snot.)  Let me tell you – the boogers were flying freely that night!


We’re going to have to work very hard to make sure there is no sibling rivalry!  I’ve been putting that sweater in front of her everyday, hoping she’ll get used to his smell.

I’m so excited!


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