Not My Mountain

I love living with Mr. C.  I love the peace and the pace of living in this town.  I wouldn’t change it for anything.

But I’m having a hard time adjusting to this new area being my home.  I miss my family.  I miss Carpintio Brother’s produce.  I miss the variety and size of stores (things are much smaller and more limited here).  I miss the hiking trail that was near my house.

And I miss my mountain.  I could actually see my mountain from my backyard.  I feel like I’m in some far away land where my mountain can’t even be seen.  The mountain is a really big part of the Puget Sound area.  There is a saying: “The mountain is out.” It means that the clouds aren’t hiding the mountain and it can actually be seen.  I’ve hiked near the mountain a number of times, but have yet to actually climb it.


Before I moved in with Mr. C, he did some talking up of the area.  He said that it snows a lot over here (I adore snow, but it hasn’t really snowed much in the two winters I’ve been here).  He pointed out that while driving across a certain bridge, you can see my mountain, so I’m further from it, but I can still see it… occasionally.  He told me about how close we are to all sorts of natural beauty (the rainforest, all sorts of state parks and waterways, etc).  Maybe the best of all is we don’t have to drive through the mess of Tacoma/Olympia to get to the ocean.

And he told me that, while it doesn’t have MY mountain, there are other mountains nearby.  He frequently talks about them and how beautiful they are on any given day.  I smile and nod.  They in no way compare to my mountain.  My mountain is magnificent and awe-inspiring.  My mountain is beautiful.  I would mentally pat him on the head, give him a half-hearted smile, and remember how much I miss my mountain.

Recently, something changed for me.  The other day, when I was driving alone, I actually looked at his mountains.  It seems odd, but I finally saw them for what they are – truly beautiful.  No, they aren’t as tall as my mountain, but they do have a grandeur of their own.  And I saw my new view and was finally able to appreciate it.  This is what I see every day when I come home:


I get to look at mountains, water, and trees as often as I’d like.  This view is literally a block from my house.  How blessed am I to have this vista so close to my home?  I can now fully appreciate the glory which surrounds me.

So, while I miss my mountain, I can now have another set of mountains to enjoy, as well.  Yay me!


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