Road Trip Day 2: Bobbing

When at breakfast the next morning, Mother and I both thought that oatmeal sounded good, despite all of the fancy items on the menu at the little eatery on the ground floor of our hotel.  We placed our order with the waitress, and she invited us to help ourselves to the oatmeal and fixin’s on the buffet.  When Mother went to pay, the waitress said that we didn’t need to worry about it; it was on her.  Mother tipped her well.

Woo-hoo!  Free breakfast!  What a great way to start the day!

We only had one planned stop along the way, this time: The Great Salt Lake.  I lived in Utah when I was a tyke and used to spend a week there during the summers when I was a teen, but I’d never visited The Great Salt Lake and I wanted to see what all of the hoopla was about.

After donning our bathing suits in the nearby public showers, Mother and I began our trek to the water.  When I say “trek” I don’t use the term lightly.  Holy macanoli!  I have absolutely no idea how far it was (not my forte) but it was a really, really long walk!  The “sand” got into our flipflops, making walking incredibly painful, making it seem like an even longer hike than it was.  If you ever go to Antelope Island, wear  your tennis shoes down to the water and then change into your flipflops once you get there.DSC03422

And then there was the condition of the water.  Yuh-uck!  I’m not sure exactly what was in there (miniature shrimp were there, as well as whatever it is they feed on) but it was seriously nasty!  I wondered if I wanted to experience the lake badly enough to put my body into that.

I started trying to find reasons not to go through with it.  “How is it any different than floating in a pool?” I asked Mother.  She told me that we do exert some effort when floating in a pool.  I couldn’t remember using any effort, but I figured that she had driven me all the way out here, I should at least experience it.

The next problem was that it never really got deep.  Once we actually made it to the water, it took absolutely forever to get out to where the water reached my thighs.  Mother figured that was far enough, so I dunked myself down and lifted my feet up.

I floated!  Well, not exactly.  I… bobbed?  That’s not the best word ’cause now you’re picturing something like a cork bobbing in water.  That wasn’t it.  It was more like I was suspended.  It’s really hard to explain if you haven’t experienced it.  I sat back in a reclining position and just… sat in the water.


And then there was the walk back.  It was even worse ’cause this time, the “sand” stuck to our wet feet (neither of us had brought a towel).  It was excruciating!  We took our own sweet time.

As we walked, I looked down and saw that the salt from the water was drying on my skin.  That was definitely a first for me!  The white you see on my legs is salt.  I mean, the white that’s whiter than my pasty skin, of course.DSC03416

We got back to the showers and I was thankful Mother had some extra quarters for a shower.  I took in my poof and my body wash and did a thorough scrub (which I’d recommend for anyone dunking in that mess!)

Would I do it again?  No way!  Am I glad I did it?  Very much so.  I’ve wanted to experience that and now I have.  Nobody can take that from me.  Would I recommend it to others who might be in the area?  Absolutely.  It is an experience.

On my way to my brother’s house, we stopped at a religious store to buy a gift for my nephew as a congrats on his baptism.  What do you buy an 8 year old boy who you don’t know to celebrate a religious ceremony you don’t necessarily agree with?  I signed the card Mother bought.

As we neared my brother’s house, I wondered where I would sleep.  I never actually received an invitation.  Mother claimed my brother was supposed to invite me, but he never did (do I read something into that, or believe Mother when she says he probably forgot?)  They have four kids.  What kind of bedding would they have for me?  I figured I was going to be sleeping on the floor for days.  The very idea of that made my bad back ache in anticipation.

When we arrived, I found a cot set up with a lovely handmade quilt on it.  Yay!  A bed!  I was so excited!

It was a good way to end the day.


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