Third Destination

My last blog ended with me crashing at my brother’s house.  The next morning, we went to his church to watch his son get baptized.  Afterwards, they had a barbecue at their house.  I was able to chat with my brother, his wife, and her family.  We ate in his back yard under a tree with a light breeze blowing.  It was really peaceful.

The next day was Sunday – Church Day!  You all know how I feel about me going to church, so that didn’t happen.  It was a quiet morning for me.  Yay!  Some down time on vacation!

When Mother got back from church, she and I decided to go to lunch while the family finished out the rest of their time at church.  We found a Mexican restaurant which seemed busy (ie – popular/good food) and ordered.  My lunch came with a free drink, so I ordered a horchata.

Oh my gosh!  Best drink ever!  I’m now addicted to them!  I can’t wait to find a place here that makes them as well (the one I had was made from scratch in the restaurant).

After dinner that night, we took the kids for a lovely walk.  Not even the light shower at the end of the walk dampened our spirits.


The next day, we went out to dinner and then to make soaps.  I’m fairly certain that nobody enjoyed it as much as I did.  I loved the process of picking out everything I wanted for my soap (color, scent, etc.)  I loved decorating it.  I loved seeing how the kids’ soaps turned out.  It was just a really great experience for me.


Mine is the set of three at the far left – two soaps and some bath fizzies.

When we got home that evening, we played Exploding Kittens (my brother and his family don’t seem to like the normal, mainstream games like Uno, Backgammon, or Parcheesi.  Once I got the hang of the game, it was fun.  Odd, but fun.

On our last full day there, we took the children on a picnic.  Nothing fancy – just spending time together.  The children played tag, we had fun watching the dogs at the nearby dog park, and the children were told to stay near me when we walked through the nearby wetlands (I attract mosquitoes for miles!)


I think the big thing was the rice.  One of the nights, my sister-in-law served stir fry and rice for dinner.  I commented on how much I enjoyed it and how I’ve been searching for a rice mix like that.  Not only did she tell me where to find it, but the next day she bought me some to go home with.  She also let me copy a few of her recipes.

These may not seem like big deals, but they are to me.  She and I have been on shaky ground for … 24 years?  Long sob story, blah, blah.  With this visit, she and I were able to start fresh.  We found common ground and many similarities.  I think I chatted with her more than I did with my brother.

Before we arrived at their house, I had been… terrified is a good word… of how my interaction with her would be.  I’m so glad that I took this road trip, if for no other reason than to mend fences that had been broken for decades.


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