Drive Home

The drive home was fairly uneventful.

We kinda saw Mt. Shasta.  It would have been pretty, had it not been blocked by all the clouds.  This was the best picture of it I could get.


After a while, we were on the hunt for a rest area, but were unable to find one.  We had been seeing billboards for “The Olive Pit.”  It boasted free olives samples.  We saw olive trees around, and Mother said that she’d never tasted an unprocessed olive.  She wondered if we could kill two birds with one stone – use their potty and taste a raw olive.  So, we made an unplanned stop.

First, we stopped by the tasting counter.  When we couldn’t find a raw olive, we asked the girl behind the counter.  She looked to another girl, who looked to another girl.  Between the three of them, they decided that raw olives were not only nasty tasting, but potentially poisonous as well.  Okay.  Good to know.

When we said that we don’t like the saltiness of green olives, we were given a green olive that tasted like a black olive.  Why would I spend all that money on an expensive green olive when I can go to the grocery store and buy a can of black olives for a buck?

I ended up buying some dehydrated cantaloupe.  Now I wish I hadn’t.  It was so good!  I keep thinking about ways I can get some more.  So, if you need a potty stop near Corning, CA, their bathrooms are clean, and they offer a bunch of fun chic foods to purchase.

A long time later, we found a rest area that had a Pringles dispenser.  That’s right an entire vending machine that sold only Pringles.  It had all sorts of flavors.  Since I’m allergic to MSG, the only flavor I can eat is the plain type.  I just thought it was hysterical, so I bought one.  $1.50 for this tiny thing!  Ugh!

Our last stop of our trip was at the Tillamook Cheese Factory.  I’ve always wanted to go, so Mother added it to the schedule.  As we neared Oregon, I realized how silly it was to drive hours out of our way to go to the cheese factory.  It wasn’t only that, but I was also ready to be home.  I had been away from home for over two weeks.  I was ready to bypass pretty much anything just to get home.  Mother poo-poo’ed me and told me that we were going to Tillamook.


I’m glad we went… mostly.  I had always wanted to go, so I’m glad we went for that reason.  However, it wasn’t what I had expected.  I had hoped to see the cheese-making process.  Unfortunately, it’s all done in these ginormous machines which are covered, so you can’t see anything anyway.


We made the best of it, starting by having a yummy lunch there.  I had The Piglet and may I say – YUMMY!  Later, we had ice cream, bought fudge, sampled cheeses, and checked out their gift shops.

As I looked at our trip, it was a total arc.  We started out with fairly mellow activities, gradually building to amazing fun and then tapering off to more subdued outings.  It was kinda perfect.  So, making the cheese factory our last stop was very fitting.


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