Arby’s Pumpkin Cheesecake Shake

I ran to Arby’s today to pick up a salad (Mr. C assured me that they have good salads – nope).  They did, however, have their amazing Pumpkin Cheesecake Shake.  YUM!!!


I had one or two (I swear – that’s all!) last year and I absolutely fell in love!  I actually said out loud, “It tastes like real food!”  Which, obviously, refers to the nasty imitation flavors out there which never really taste like what they’re supposed to be.  This one actually tasted like pumpkin cheesecake.  Absolute perfection!

So, when I saw the advertisement for them today, of course I had to have one.  The voice on the ordering box asked what size.  Duh!  No, wait.  I’m trying to lose weight.  The shake is a splurge, so I need to at least be reasonable about it.  “Medium,” I answer.  That’s a good compromise, right?  I mean, it wasn’t the Extra Super Double Huge one that I wanted.  Progress.  Better food choices.  Without denying myself the foods I want the most.

Before the rest of the food is shoved through the teeny window, I rip the wrapper off the straw and take my first sip of of the nectar of the gods.  Ahhhh!

Those first few slurps on the drive home were exactly what I remembered.  Sweet, spiced, seasonal yumminess.

And then I sit down with my salad and my shake.  Mr. C hands me a water bottle – always trying to take care of me 🙂  I down the salad, but only make it half way through the shake.  By the end of lunch time, the shake was beginning to taste more syrup-like.


Who made the decision to make better food choices?  I make almost all of our meals from scratch, using whole, healthy foods as much as possible.  Normally, the only thing I drink is water.  So, to add a manufactured, sweetened drink to my repertoire was probably not the best choice.

Actually, I was so sad!  I don’t think I’ll ever be able to enjoy that frozen, whipped numminess like I used to.

That is one of the pitfalls of eating healthy – all of the things which aren’t as good for you no longer taste as good.  You can taste the artifice.  You can feel the layers of fat coating your palate (croissants – I’m looking at you!)  You notice how sugar gives you a fake rush and then drops you low. This is good and bad.  It helps you make those good food choices, but it ruins some of your old favorites.

Sad Day!


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