Bragging About Hate

I have seen some truly ugly things in my time, and (unfortunately) I saw another one today:


It’s no secret that I don’t agree with anything Trump stands for, but this is just ugly hate.  The part of this which makes me weep is that someone proudly put this on his/her vehicle.  This person thinks that hating someone he or she doesn’t understand is a good thing, something they boast to the world.

I would refuse to be seen riding in this vehicle.  I would rather be stranded on a desert highway than accept a ride by this hate-filled driver.

Another thought just hit me – there were probably more than one of these made.  There is probably more than one vehicle sporting this disgusting image.

I can honestly say that I don’t understand Trump supporters.  I don’t understand how they can support his filth, his hatred, his mysogyny, bigotry, or the justification of his lack of morals.  I don’t understand how they can vote for him and not fear for the safety of our country and everyone who lives within her borders.

Despite the fact that I don’t understand them, I don’t hate them.  I don’t feel the need to be violent toward them.

What I do feel is pity.  What must it be like to allow your ignorance to turn into cancerous hate?  What must it be like to live, allowing that hate to fester within you, consume you, turn you into someone who is cruel and segregational?

I choose love and inclusion.  The people on my Facebook friends list range from Satanic to extremely Christian.  I have friends of almost every sexual orientation.  How I choose my friends is simple:


What amazes me is that (from what I’ve seen) those who are condemning others are generally members of organized religion.  Is that what religion teaches?  To hate?  Jesus Christ didn’t preach hate.

That’s one reason why I have opted out of religion.  Even after I left the religion of my childhood, I searched around for another church family.  The problem was, every single one I tried out preached some form of hate or exclusion or had some sort of history of hate.  That’s not me.

My religion is simple – Love.  If you follow that, how can you possibly go wrong?




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