Anti-Trump Cookies

For those of you who don’t know, I love baking.  It’s a bad, bad thing!  I mean, it brings me joy, but it wreaks havoc on my waistline.

I enjoy making my own bread.  Lately, Mr. C has gotten in on the action and he adds seeds, herbs, and spices to the breads before they are baked.  The last time, he made a loaf of anti-Trump bread.


See the one on the left?  It has both black and white sesame seeds.  Seeds of different colors getting along very well on the same loaf of bread, both contributing something special to make it a complete loaf.  The other one only has white.  Look how plain and boring it looks.  😦

Today, I made anti-Trump cookies.


That wasn’t my goal.  Mr. C likes white chocolate and macadamia nut cookies.  I prefer semi-sweet.  Making two different cookies is super simple – divide the dough in half before adding the chips, and then add the chips accordingly.

*** Cookie tip – With this recipe, you can make a wide variety of cookies, based on what kind of pudding and chips you use.  These cookies have always turned out perfectly for me.**

After I baked the cookies, I looked at them and laughed about them being anti-Trump – semi-sweet and white chips on the same plate.  Both types are equally desired.  Having the two different types of cookies together makes it look more appealing.

Why shouldn’t the cookies share a plate?  After all, they are almost exactly the same thing – the same eggs, flour, and sugar.  They are identical except for one small ingredient.

We’re just like those cookies – we all share the same desire for love, support, and comfort.  We all strive to be good people (in the ways we know how).  We all want to believe in something or someone.

Mr. Trump wants to exclude the chocolate chip cookies because they believe in something other than what he believes in.  I, for one, would be really sad if those chocolate chip cookies were to go away forever.  Something would be missing from my life.  That plate would never be the same, always lacking something.

I, for one, like a variety of cookies.  Every year, I’m invited to a cookie exchange right before Thanksgiving.  This is what I come home with:


You tell me – which looks better?  That pan of options or this:


I can’t imagine a world in which there is only white chocolate macadamia nut cookies.  What about Snickerdoodles?  Or Oatmeal Raisin? Or chocolate dipped wafer cookies?  Not everyone likes white chocolate.  Some people crave only semi-sweet.  Or dark.  Or milk.  Some people don’t want chocolate at all, but would prefer a raspberry thumbprint.


I love trying the variety of cookies that can be found on this planet – I think without it, the cookie exchange would be fairly boring.  After all – variety is the spice of life, right?


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