ACA vs ObamaCare

I watched this online yesterday, and like most of us, I was laughing while being dismayed.

But what really got to me was the people who didn’t like “ObamaCare” simply because they don’t like Obama.  How close-minded!  How inane!

How exactly like how I’m feeling right now!

I’m sitting here, judging these people for blindly hating all things Obama when I’m doing exactly the same thing with Trump.

I mean, c’mon.  Let’s be honest.  I hate everything Trump.  Everything.  I think he’s going to sink this ship to the depths of Tartarus with no hope of recovery.  I think his idiocy and prejudices will bring on the apocalypse, or at the very least, WWIII.

I feel about him exactly as people felt about Obama.  And, despite overwhelming opposition, he and his wonderful wife improved this country in so many ways for so many people.

Maybe… just maybe… Trump might not destroy us?  Maybe… maybe I need to give him a chance?  Maybe I need to keep an open mind and give him the benefit of the doubt?

I’m trying to hold back the bile as I say that.  It goes against everything within me.  What’s better?  To hate the establishment, try to buck it, and maybe create a better world, or accept the status quo and make the best of it?


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