I feel like I need to apologize for yesterday’s blog.  I had just gotten done watching a video of Michelle Obama on the campaign trail for Hillary Clinton and apparently it really got to me.  Instead of being empowering, as it was meant to be prior to the election, it depressed me.

It reminded me of how helpless I am in this situation.  My vote didn’t count because my candidate won the popular vote, but lost the election.  Why should I even bother voting?

I could go to marches, but what good does that do?  Trump doesn’t seem like the type to be affected by what the 99% care about.  He doesn’t seem like he’d be swayed by peaceful protests.

I could call my legislators, but again, what good does that do?  It’s been made clear that they can and will do whatever they want, no matter how many times we call.

There is literally nothing I can do.

Except spread love, respect, and support.  In today’s climate, those are the things which are needed most.  It reminds me of my favorite phrase from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


So, I apologize for sharing the darkness yesterday.  I let my surroundings get me down and I shared it with you.  I will do my best to only bring you light and hope.

I’m still struggling with darkness a little today, so I’ll let a more peaceful person leave you with the last thought on my blog.



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