Through the years, I’ve blogged about my love of Superman.  Today, I was pondering exactly why I’m in love with him.


Of course, there’s the physical aspect of it.  Lots of black hair.  Yummy.  I’ve always had a thing for thick, dark hair.  Chiseled body.  Blue eyes.  And tall.  Oh, yes please!  I kept one boyfriend around just because he was tall (lesson learned!)


I had a huge crush on this guy when I was a kid ’cause he could dance and – his HAIR!

Superman is obviously not self conscious.  I mean, any guy who can run around in that get-up really can’t give a hoot about fitting in or what other people think, amiright?


Of course, it’s more than that.  While the physical side of Superman is always attractive, his personality is just as lovable.

He doesn’t lie.  I’ve been with a number of men who were honesty-challenged.  Oddly, they all justified it.  One even believed that women want to be lied to, trying to make an intelligent argument to support his case (*rolling eyes*).  You know what men – we don’t want to be lied to.  That’s partly why we love Superman – because he doesn’t lie to us.


And then there’s the fact that he would never hurt us.  Ever.  He would willing give his life to protect us.  And he has.  That says a lot about his selflessness.  He constantly puts the needs of others before his own.  Who wouldn’t want to be a man who is so giving?


And then there’s the Clark side of him – perfectly imperfect.  Modest, hard-working, mild-mannered, and doting on and true to the woman he loves.  Loves his mother, intelligent, and a writer (of course I’d love that about him!)  And absolutely adorable in a subtly sexy kinda way.


The kicker is the mid-air kiss.  I mean, what woman wouldn’t want to literally float while being kissed by a super hero?  And don’t even get me started about going for an evening flight with him.


I think flight is the only super power of his that I would want in my life.  None of the others would really do anything for me – super hearing, breath, vision, or strength?  Meh.  Whatever.  Although, the fact that he doesn’t use his super vision in lewd ways is attractive.


And he is respectful of woman.  Not in the old-fashioned, holding doors sort of way, but in the way that he lets Lois be a strong woman.  He isn’t threatened by her being a senior reporter.  He doesn’t try to stop her from getting out into situations – he trusts that she is competent.  It isn’t until she is in danger that he steps in to rescue her.  He wants a strong woman and he trusts in her strength.


I’m sure there’s more, but that’s all I can think of right now.  No doubt there will be another Ode to Superman in the future.  🙂



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