Bald Men

I just saw a study which says that science confirms bald men are perceived as more successful, intelligent, and masculine.


I guess it depends on the women they studied.  Sitting here, I can’t imagine I would give them the same results, but who knows.

I mean, all of Mr. C’s pictures on his dating profile sported a bald head.  And yet, I’ve found that I enjoy his hair a lot more than his bald head.

Guess which of these I find the most masculine/attractive?

Of course, there are those who are just adorable bald (notice, I didn’t say masculine or powerful.)


And there are those who need to embrace their baldness.


At the end of the day, I think salt and pepper hair is so much sexier!  (I think this goes back to me being officially old.)

Of course, my favorite is a head full of white hair.  Yummy!

Which leads to the ultimate man (not bald, yet masculine, successful and presumably intelligent):


I can’t figure out why Mr. C keeps accusing me of fattening him up!


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