We Have a Place!

That’s right – in under a week, Mr. C and I have secured a place for the both of us, his son, and our three dogs to rent.  Yay!

It was the dogs which made me the most anxious.  After looking at the ads posted for houses Mr. C was finding, so few of them wanted large dogs.  I spoke with one landlady who explained in great detail why she didn’t want large dogs – thousands of dollars worth of damage was done to one of her “units” so she was unwilling to allow large dogs ever again.  I get it, but that makes our life much more difficult.

And then I overheard Mr. C’s conversation with Julie.  She loved the fact that we were willing to do whatever we had to in order to find a home which allowed us to keep our dogs.  She sounded like a good person.  She made arrangements so we could go out to see her house two days later.  I had a good feeling about her then.

We continued looking because that’s what you do, right?

On the day that we checked out her home, we were in love with most of it.  It was obviously still being worked on, but… well, it just had a lot of character.  I mean, it had a regular stove and all, but it also had something like this:


The back yard is GINORMOUS!  Mr. C talked about getting a cow and/or goat.  I told him that if he knew how to take care of them, they were up to him.  I have no knowledge or experience with farm critters.  (The tenant before us had a pig.)

There is also a pond.  Prince would LOVE to swim in the pond!  We’re going to have to figure out how to know when he’s swimming so we can dry him off before he comes back in the house (built in doggy door).

Appliances will stay there, there’s a cute little writer’s loft, and there’s some great storage space which the Mormon in me loved.  Not to mention lots of space to store all of our crap while we build our credit so we can buy a home.  It was perfect!

Except that it’s in BFE.  But, that’s okay.  We’ll make it work.  The worst part about that is that it’ll give me fewer options for a job (rent is higher than we’re used to, so I have to contribute) or it’ll be a commute for me – blech!

On the way home, we checked out a number of other homes.  Compared to Julie’s home, they all looked like cookie-cutter homes.  No character!

Here we are, two days later, setting up a time with Julie when we can pick up the keys.  Yay!!!

I’m so relieved!  Now, the question mark lingering over my head about where we’re going to live has gone away.  Phew!

Now the only stress is whether or not I’ll be able to get everything packed up in time.


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