Homeward Bound

I’ve wanted to buy a house for about a decade now.  Due to circumstances, it hasn’t been an option.

With our landlord giving us less than four weeks to pack up, find a place, and move out, it really gave Mr. C and me a wake up call.  We don’t ever want to be put into a position like this again.

We want to be able to plant a fruit tree without needing to get permission from our landlord.  We don’t want to put up a large pool with permission, just to have that permission revoked and having to take it all down again.  We want to have the security which home ownership provides.

Our current landlord is a tool (duh).  Our new landlord seems like a really good person.  I’m really looking forward to working with her.  I am 98% certain she would never pull the crap on us that our current landlord has done.  However, we still would like to have say over our home/property.

The obvious step is to work toward buying a house.  We hope to be able to be able to do so in a year.homeEeek!

We checked our credit on Credit Karma.  It really was as easy as they say it is.  We very quickly had our scores, what we could do to improve them, and all sorts of other really helpful tools.

Needless to say, we both could do things to increase our scores.  So, over the next year, we’re going to do what we need to do to get those numbers up.  I’ve been searching for a job to help in that endeavor.  Mr. C is working on his end of it.

So, while we are packing up, preparing for the move, we’re doing it with the thought that we’ll be moving again in a year.


I hate moving, but the idea of moving into a home of which I will be co-owner is very exciting!  It makes the idea of getting a job sound better.


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