Gainfully Employed

So, something good/bad happened yesterday.  I got a job!  Well, as long as my drug test and background check come back okay (insert snicker – I’m as white-bread as they come!)

It feels good knowing that I’m going to be earning money again.  Plus, my new income will help pay for my upcoming vacation.  I’m kinda excited about getting back to work, which really surprises me.  I love being a homemaker and focusing on my writing, but apparently some part of me missed being in the work force.

It’s not even an exciting job.  I’ll be working for Home Depot (very) part time.  I’ll be in their cash office two days a week, starting at 5:00 (it’s a good thing I’m a morning person!)  On the days I’m not in the cash office, I’ll either be cashiering or … are you ready for this?  Out watering plants.  That’s right – they’re going to pay me to come in at 5:00 in the morning to water plants.  I’m cool with that.  I’ll be home in time for a nap.  Woo-hoo!

Everyone I spoke with said they love working for Home Depot, some having been there 15 – 20 years!  (I think longevity at a job speaks volumes.)  The perks looked pretty inviting, too.  This might end up being a really cool gig.


The only thing is – each shift looks like it’ll be four to five hours.  Like I said – very part time.  I would really like to pay off my debt and save up some money.  In order to do that, if I’m working at minimum wage, I need to get a second job.

Here’s where the bad part of getting this job comes in – it was WAY too easy for me to get.  Literally my first phone call in the job search was to that Home Depot.  It was the first application I sent in.  In years past, I was extremely cocky about my ability to get a job.  That made me quite frustrated when my job search was so difficult, last time.  I hope that finding a second job will be a problem-free as this one was so I don’t become frustrated!


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