The Day Before

It’s finally here!  Tomorrow is Moving Day!  It’s going to be a very busy day!  We’re hoping to get our entire household (and garage – yuck!) packed up, moved, and then unpacked.  However, today will probably just as busy.

Mr. C is taking today off work, which is a really big help.  There are just some finishing preparations which will be much more helpful with his assistance (taking apart our ginormous bed, for starters.)

We have to finish packing up any odds and ends.  ‘Cause we don’t have enough boxes filling every available space in our house.  I’m so tired of boxes!


Thankfully, we have our couples counseling today.  My first thought was to cancel it, but I really think we need to see Helena.  She seems to balance us and bring us back to where we need to be as individuals and as a couple.  (We will probably lose her once I start working, which is the saddest part of this whole move!)  She definitely gives us a plan which to use to keep us going in the right direction when we know we have something challenging ahead of us.  So, taking the hour out of our day is a really good use of that time!

We’re also going to do our walk-through today.  I’m totally excited about it!  We only saw our new home that once, and it really was a whirlwind.  In all honesty, we’re not even sure if it’s carpeted or not (I’m fairly certain it’s not).  It’ll be good to go back through it again before we move in so we can have a plan of attack to help the move go more smoothly.

We also have to pick up the moving truck.  Since we’re going to have it this afternoon, Mr. C and I are going to start packing it this evening to get a jump start on it.  I mean, do what we can today to make tomorrow go more smoothly, right?

I’m exhausted just thinking about all of it!


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