Moving Day

Today is moving day.  Before the whirlwind of friends, family, and boxes begins, I just want to take a moment to say goodbye to this house.  We’re leaving it far earlier than we had expected, and with how busy we’ve been since the moment we found out we were leaving, I hadn’t really taken the time to deal with the end of this chapter.

For the most part, I’m glad we’re moving.  But, there are downsides to leaving this residence – reasons to be slightly melancholy.

My life changed when I moved into this house.  I began my life with the man of my dreams – the man who would love me, support me, and encourage me.  Granted, I’m taking the man with me on the move, but this house was somewhat symbolic for me.  In this house, I felt more like a partner and an adult than I ever did while I was married.  In this house was the start of my forever with my guy.

It is in a really nice neighborhood – quiet, nice neighbors, and a view of the nearby mountains.  I will miss the neighborhood.

And I was accustomed to this house.  Change is hard for me.  I know where all of the light switches are, which outlets are on the same circuits, etc.  I will have to adjust to the new house, learning all of it’s quirks.

The kitchen in this house is much larger than the one into which we’re moving.  I’m going to miss this space.  I mean – the kitchen is the most important room in the house, right?  I’m sure this year in the new house will cement in me the importance of a large kitchen in our next home.

The master bath in this house is only 3/4.  When Mr. C and I take a shower together, there is barely any room to switch spots.  While I may complain about my butt touching the cold shower wall, I do enjoy the closeness it demands.  Both of the bathrooms in the new house are full baths – no forced body-pressing.

As I look around, there are things about this house I will miss – the sunlight that comes into the entry, the garden on which we have worked so hard, the huge living room window, etc.

I guess it’s time to walk away from the old and embrace the joys of the new house.

Goodbye, House.



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