Oh Man! Where to Start?

Okay.  First off, we’re in.  We have officially moved into our new place.  So much has happened since then.  Thinking about it – I think each new event should get its own blog entry, so I guess you’ll just have to wait for the next few installments.  🙂

So, the new house has its good and bad points.

The dogs love the loft.  At first I couldn’t figure out why.  Now, I think it’s because it’s carpeted.  They’ve never experienced a carpeted room before.  I think they also like being able to look down on us.  Not sure.

The super cool pond out back in which I was positive Prince would love to swim – yah, it’s got some old rusty chunk of metal in it.  Prince won’t go anywhere near it.  Sad day.

Speaking of rusty water – our drinking water isn’t potable.  Very sad!  We’re waiting for the guy to come out and fix it.  Drinking bottled water in the meantime, and very carefully washing dishes and laundry (think “bleach”).

And it is all the way out in BFE.  It takes me twenty minutes to get to work.  Blech!

But, the drive to and from is so lovely – tree-lined streets, vineyards and farms.  It really is a very nice drive.  So, if you don’t mind driving, you can enjoy the 20 minutes of driving instead of spending that time being stuck on some major freeway with 20,000 other people who are hating the commute.

It’s so quiet on our property.  Most of the time, the only sound I hear is birds.  Every once in a while, a good breeze will rustle the leaves in the trees.  The other day I heard one single firework.  It’s so peaceful out here!

There’s so much storage space!  Everywhere I look, there’s a cupboard or a closet.  It’s incredible!  I even have a closet specifically for my kitchen appliances.  I’m in chef heaven!

We decided to use the downstairs family room as our master bedroom.  It isn’t even weird that we don’t have a bedroom door (it’s usually just Mr. C and I.  When his son is here, he isn’t able to walk on his own, so there is no risk of him walking in on us or anything.)

Because we are out in BFE and there is so much land (three acres!) it feels like we have our own secluded haven.  If I look out our front windows, I am reminded that we do have neighbors (I have yet to even catch a glimpse of them, let alone meet them.)

The biggest downside to the move?  All of the boxes.  Still so many boxes!  So tired of boxes!

Oh wait – I suppose I could do something about that, right?  *sigh*


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