My New Job

I cringe when I say this – I work at Home Depot.  For some reason, at 40 years old, after working as an executive assistant for a CEO, I have a hard time saying out loud that I work at Home Depot.

When I got the job, I thought my title was “Backoffice.”  I had a hard time with that one, too.  Q: What do you do?  A: I count the tills and balance the safe.  Blah, blah, blah.  So very undignified.  Since I only do that 2 days a week, and I want more hours, they decided to fill the rest of my days with… wait for it… watering.  Ugh!  I guess a job is a job, right?

But, magically, it morphed into something better.

I’m not “Backoffice.”  I’m “Bookkeeper.”  That looks SO much better on a resume.  Now, I can honestly say I’m a bookkeeper.  I kinda like that.

And then, the lady who is training me sorta put dibs on me.  She likes something about me enough that she’s going to try to steal me from the outside garden area.  Yay!

And then the HR lady told me that she wants to steal me too.  Now that’s actually something I’ve wanted to add to my resume for a while, now – “HR Assistant.”  Oooo!  Kinda hopeful about that one.

So, I don’t think of Home Depot as long-term, I do like the opportunities is is offering me and the future it might afford.



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