My NEW New Job

So, Mr. C and I were out on date night last week.  We were just kinda meandering through our new town, enjoying each other, the lovely weather, and the slow, quiet mood of the town.

We happened along the candy store.  Hm… Backstory time.

A few months ago, we happened to be in this town to celebrate Mr. C’s mom’s birthday.  After enjoying lunch, I walked next door to a little candy store, where I proceeded to have a fairly lengthy conversation with the store owner about candy making (something I’ve done for years).  This is a miracle unto itself – as an introvert, talking with strangers is a real challenge for me.  But, I really enjoyed talking with her.  I ended up giving her my recipe for microwave caramels.

The other night, while Mr. C and I were on our date, we stopped by the candy store to ask if she tried and/or liked the recipe.  Once again, we had a lengthy conversation (much to Mr. C’s surprise).  He told her about the White Chocolate Toasted Pecan Salted Caramels I had made for him.  She looked at me and asked if I was looking for work.

I beamed, and said, “As a matter of fact, I am.”

Since then, I’ve been in her store one other time to set my schedule with her.  I start next Wednesday, and I’m totally excited.  Luckily, she’s just as excited to have me on board as I am to be there.

She wants to expand her business.  She needs someone who will not only come up with new ideas, but will execute those idea to fruition.  My creative side is just aching to start working with her!

Yay!  I think this experience will be really good for me!

**I will not eat candy all day and gain more weight.  I will not eat candy all day and gain more weight.**


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