My Moving Tips

My recent move is still on my mind in a big way (the stacks of boxes lining each room might have something to do with that).  I wanted to share the knowledge I gained with you from my experience.  These are things which did and did not work for us.  Obviously, not everything that worked for us will work for everyone.

We rented a 20 yard garbage dumpster, and I would absolutely do that again.  Was it pricey?  Absolutely.  Was it worth it?  Yuppers.  We had a number of large items which had to be thrown away.  We don’t have a truck, so in order to throw away large items (plus the massive amount of random things we needed to chuck) we would have to rent a truck and make multiple trips to the dump, which would have cost us time, money, and hassle.  With the way we did it, we had the dumpster sitting in our driveway for a couple of weeks.  We just took stuff out to the container whenever we needed – no fuss, no muss.  We weren’t charged for the time, but for the end weight of the filled container.

As we were going through the move, we looked at each item and pondered it.  Is this something we want to box up and move?  If so – go for it.  If not – might anyone else want it?  If so, donate it.  If not, into the dumpster it goes.  It was that simple for us – pack it, donate it, or pitch it.  We felt really good about that process.  It was the perfect time to clean out.

I bought boxes.  That was a win.  Obviously, it was more expensive than getting free boxes at the booze store, but in my mind, it was totally worth it.  I didn’t have to go from store to store, trying to squeeze assembled boxes into my tiny car – they were all collapsed and I could easily fit way more into my Saturn that way.  Once assembled, they were all like- or similarly-sized so they all stacked beautifully.  If you have the funds for it, I’d say go for it.  My mistake with that was that I bought boxes without handle slots – go for the handle slots.

Labeling the boxes – complete fail!  I bought boxes which had check boxes on the side which told my loved ones where each box was to go.  On the top were the blank lines on which I wrote the contents of the box.  Yah – no.  With the boxes stacked three or four high, I have absolutely no idea what’s inside any boxes other than the top one.  So very frustrating once you’re in your new house, searching for that thing you need right now!! Label on the side.  And the front.  Maybe the back and the other side?  I did that for my previous move.  At the time, it felt like overkill, but now I totally wish we’d done that for this move.

If I had the money next time, I would absolutely hire movers.  As it was, we had a team of 4 – 6 of our loved ones to help us out.  We had so much stuff in our house and garage that it took two trips in the largest moving truck we could find.  Our friends and family were so exhausted by the time we were mostly done that we called it quits before we were actually done.  Hiring a couple of moving men would have caused me far less guilt.  I hated how exhausted everyone was because of us.  Yup.  Hired hands.

The pizza and muffins were a win/fail.  It was nice that we had the food and water on hand for our movers.  However, I overestimated and we had WAY too much left over.  Sure, it was nice to have the leftovers for a few days after the move (during the last part of the move and the cleaning of the old house) – I didn’t have to worry about providing meals for us.  However, I had no idea I could become sick and tired of pizza and Costco muffins.  Blech!  I think there might actually be pizza still in the fridge.  I’m so tired of pizza, I don’t even want to touch the boxes to throw them away.

Next time, I would find a way to have tunes anywhere there were people.  Music lightens any load.  We had tunes while Mr. C’s sister was helping (thanks, Jen!) and made me realize what a difference it makes.

I hope that helps with your move!  I hope it is a non-event for you.


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