Father’s Day

Once again, Father’s Day is coming up.  Once again, I don’t have a father to celebrate.  No father, no boyfriend with a child to help celebrate the day.  Isn’t it funny how that works?  You leave all of the men in your life, and you don’t have anyone to celebrate on Father’s Day.  Huh.

From time to time, I do think about my father – I wonder if he’s still alive or not, but that’s about it.

For this Father’s Day, I’m going to be hiking with my mom and sister.  Yay!

The only time not having a father makes any kind of difference in my life is when I think about my future.  What if I want to get married again, someday?  Who would give me away?

I really don’t have a father-type-figure in my life.  The closest thing I have is my uncle.  Will he be around long enough?  Would my brother come up to do it?  Would my brother-in-law think it weird, were I to ask him?  And… that’s about the extent of men in my life.  I really don’t have many.

I guess it really doesn’t make much difference.  I gave myself away at my first wedding; I could do it again.  I guess I just wanted a second wedding to be more special than the shotgun wedding fiasco.

Obviously, it’s a moot point.  No boyfriend, no plans to get married.  Why do I even think about this silly sort of stuff?

I guess I need to do some sort of fatherly thinking when this day comes around each year.


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