No More Knights

I recently saw this on Facebook, and it kinda made me angry that there was only one option:


At face value, it looks like there are two options: her “man” fixes it or another man does.

Whoa!  Is it the new me, or is this absolutely ridiculous?  There is only one option there – that the poor little damsel sits back, helplessly, waiting for a man to come rescue her.


Are there really still women out there like that?

Sure, I like to be spoiled.  Sometimes, I even like to be lazy.  It’s nice to have a man take care of some of the grosser or more physically demanding tasks.

But, if I realize a man isn’t going to do something for me, I don’t wait around for another man to do it!  When I was a single mom, there wasn’t a man around to take care of me.  I learned to do things on my own.  And I actually took pride in it – changing headlights or taillights, swapping out air filters in my home or car, mowing my lawn – I felt like such a big girl!  There really is something to be said for stepping up and taking care of things on your own.

With my Saturn, I even had to have a special tool to change my lights.  I can’t tell you how special I felt just for having the stupid tool!  Actually, I took pride in all of my tools (which mysteriously disappeared from my toolbox!)

Yes, I understand that there are women out there like the woman mentioned above, and they make me really sad.  To me, they are helping to keep women as a minority.  If we expect some knight in shining armor to swoop in and save us, how can we expect to be treated as equals?  Put on your big girl panties, go to the car parts store yourself, watch a YouTube video and change your own damned light!  Seriously!

Now, I’m still old-fashioned in some ways.  I still like to have doors held for me, but I’m not going to stand at a door, waiting until some man comes along to open it for me.  I’m going to do the things I can, whenever I can.  If I really NEED help, that’s when I’ll ask for it.  But, my sister and I moved a washing machine all by ourselves, and we only needed the help of our mother to move a fridge – no men required!

Time to shout out!  What accomplishments of yours are you proud of, which normally would be considered “man’s work?”



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