Prayers, Not Anger

I recently saw something on Facebook which said,

How about we pray for our President and staff instead of tearing them down and showing so much anger.

The short answer: No way! We’re too angry!

The majority of us did not vote for him, yet we’re stuck with him.  For this, we’re angry.

He has undone all of the good that Obama’s administration ushered in, so we’re angry.

He’s ripping innocent, terrified children away from the loving arms of their parents, which makes us livid.

And for countless other reasons, we choose anger over prayer.

I guess the next question should be – should we pray for Trump (I refuse to call him my president)?

Personally, I don’t do vending machine prayers.  My prayers consists of “Help me be okay with whatever is ahead of me,” and “Thanks.”  I don’t pray for things which my HP might omniciently know to be the correct or incorrect path.  I don’t pray for things about which I might get my hopes up, just to be disappointed.  Praying for a demagogue to pull his head out seems like a waste of breath, so I don’t bother.

I suppose for those who believe in the power of prayer, a collective request to The Almighty might do some good – if only as a balm for those tired, frazzled souls.  Plus, I suppose it wouldn’t hurt for those who have faith to pray for a softening of hearts and a greater understanding to those who are in power.

How about we do both?  Both can be a vehicle of change (potentially.)  Pray for those in the White House to experience a change toward love and tolerance.  And an anger which fuels the rest of us to effect change in a more concrete way.

Without change, what good is the anger or the prayers?  The both just leave us feeling empty, angry, and disappointed.


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