Monthly Archives: July, 2013

Not a Super Hero

I read an article today which resonated with me, for some reason. Bully at Wendy’s Honestly, I’m not quite sure why it did. I mean – I wasn’t ever really bullied, as such. Sure, I wasn’t among the popular crowd, but I wasn’t harassed day in and day out or anything. Maybe it was because …

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Twarted by Mom?

My mother is one of my best friends.  Sometimes, I wonder if that is the best thing for me. Alright – here it is.  Are you ready? *Deep breath* I’m bi-curious.  I’ve dated women, but I’ve never ended up kissing any of them.  So, as such, I don’t think I can actually call myself bi-sexual.  …

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Camera Shy

I love Dove commercials, as a whole.  They teach us about ourselves, our daughters, and our society.  I think they are uplifting and encouraging.  This morning, I saw this one: The answer to the question was: When my husband told me so. The question?  “When did you stop believing you were beautiful.” At first, …

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